Discovery in Family Law Cases

Once a case has been filed, discovery is a process that is governed by a set of rules issued by the Supreme Court of Virginia. It is important that you understand how discovery works and the general nature of the rules that govern it. Failure to comply with discovery rules, or failure to provide a…


What is the difference between uncontested divorce and contested divorce in Virginia?

In Virginia, when we talk about an “uncontested” divorce, we are simply talking about a divorce where there are no unresolved issues that need to be addressed by the court. Generally speaking, this can be because either 1) the parties to the divorce have already resolve the issues in the divorce with a signed, written…


Legal Separation in Virginia – How it Works

Often clients will ask how to file for “Legal Separation” in Virginia. The quick answer to that question is: you can’t really. It is true that some states (like California) allow people to file for “Legal Separation” – which allows you to deal with a number of issues without actually obtaining a divorce. While Virginia…