What is the difference between uncontested divorce and contested divorce in Virginia?

In Virginia, when we talk about an “uncontested” divorce, we are simply talking about a divorce where there are no unresolved issues that need to be addressed by the court. Generally speaking, this can be because either 1) the parties to the divorce have already resolve the issues in the divorce with a signed, written…


Premarital Agreements – not just for the rich and famous

When many people think about “pre-nups” or premarital agreements, the conventional wisdom is that they are really only necessary when one has a significant fortune to protect. This is not necessarily the case. Many everyday people can benefit from the protection afforded by a premarital agreement. But to understand how a premarital agreement can help…


Dividing retirement accounts in divorce with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order

  Unlike dividing checking or savings accounts, dividing retirement accounts in a divorce can present some special challenges. This is because of the numerous rules that govern how money can be distributed from retirement accounts like 401(k)’s or IRA’s. This article will help you understand some of the issues involved in dealing with retirement accounts in…